Restrictions on check-in, check-out and/or stays

Most channels support these restrictions with a few exceptions:

  • Hostelworld, Myallocator and iCal channels do not support check-in and check-out restrictions. To completely block units from these channels, make sure you select “Stays not allowed (including check-in)”.

Warning: Please note that restrictions for a certain room type only apply to that room type, and not to any duplicates of that room type. Additionally, restrictions typically do not apply to derived rates from a specific room type. In this case, please ask the channel directly.

Bookable periods

The option “Any number of days can be booked within the specified time period” under “Bookable periods” is adopted by most channels – with a few exceptions such as Hostelworld. The options “Only full weeks can be booked within the specific time period” and “Only 3-4 nights can be booked within the specific time period” are not adopted by the channels.

If a specific channel cannot read this restriction, you will need to ask your account manager to set this setting directly in the channel.

Blocking individual rooms

Individual rooms that are blocked in Sirvoy will also be unavailable on the channel – just as an already booked room would not be available. This applies to all channels.

Determine how far in advance and how close to check-in rooms can be booked

Kontrolliere diese Einstellung im jeweiligen Channel (außer für Airbnb, was in Sirvoy unter Einstellungen -> Channels -> Airbnb) verwaltet wird.