Hospitality Digital Trends in 2024 – Time to Get Ahead!

05. Juni 2024, 12:20 MESZ

The hospitality industry is influenced significantly by advancements in digital technology. Digital trends in hospitality refer to the latest technological innovations and digital practices that are shaping the future of the industry. 

These digital trends offer new opportunities for enhancing guest experiences, optimising operations, and increasing revenue. Let’s explore some of the top digital trends set to dominate the hospitality landscape in 2024.

Digital Trends 1: Contactless Services

Why It’s a Trend

The demand for contactless services has surged, driven by health and safety considerations and the convenience they offer. From mobile check-ins and check-outs to contactless payments and digital room keys, these services minimise physical interactions, enhancing guest comfort and safety.

For example, a study exploring customer experiences from the perspectives of guests and hotel managers found that aspects like ambiance, space/function/amenities, design, and interactions with staff significantly influence guest experiences.

While social interactions are important, the quality and customisation of the physical environment and services are also crucial guest satisfaction. This might align with preferences for streamlined or less intrusive service interactions.


Invest in mobile app development or integrate contactless functionalities into your existing app. Ensure secure, user-friendly interfaces for a seamless guest experience.

Digital Trends 2: Personalization through AI

Why It’s a Trend

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows for unprecedented levels of personalization, tailoring guest experiences based on their preferences and behaviours. AI can analyse vast amounts of data to offer customised recommendations, from room amenities to dining options.

AI-driven systems can also suggest activities and local attractions to guests based on their interests.


Leverage AI algorithms within your CRM system to analyse guest data and deliver personalised services and offers. Continuously update your AI models with new guest data for improved accuracy.

Digital Trends 3: Virtual Reality (VR) Tours

Why It’s a Trend

VR tours provide potential guests with immersive previews of your property, offering a virtual experience of the space, amenities, and services. This can significantly enhance booking confidence and guest satisfaction.

VR improves guest satisfaction and is a trend in 2024

One study investigated the role of VR in the hotel booking process and found that VR previews lead to higher satisfaction and visit intentions compared to traditional 2D photos or videos. This research highlighted the positive role of VR in learning about the hotel and in enhancing intentions to visit, indicating that VR can significantly contribute to guest satisfaction even before the actual visit.


Create high-quality VR content showcasing your property and integrate it into your website and booking platforms. Consider offering VR experiences at travel fairs and in promotional materials.

Digital Trends 4: Smart Room Technologies

Why It’s a Trend

Smart rooms enhance guest experiences through automation and intelligent control of room features like lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems. They offer convenience, comfort, and a touch of modernity that guests increasingly expect.


Incorporate IoT devices and smart controls into your rooms. Provide guests with intuitive interfaces, like a mobile app or voice controls, to adjust room settings.

Digital Trends 5: Sustainable Technology

Why It’s a Trend

Sustainability is a growing concern among consumers, and technology offers solutions to reduce waste and energy consumption. Digital initiatives like energy management systems and digital receipts contribute to a property’s sustainability goals.


Implement energy management systems to optimise heating, cooling, and lighting. Encourage digital bookings and check-ins, and reduce paper use by transitioning to digital documents and receipts.

Digital Trends 6: Chatbots and Virtual Concierge Services

Why It’s a Trend

Chatbots and virtual concierges provide instant assistance to guests, offering information, taking requests, and resolving issues around the clock. This enhances guest service without the need for a significant increase in staff.

A 2023 study examined the impact of digital concierge chatbots on the guest experience and satisfaction at IHG Hotels & Resorts. The research indicated that the use of chatbots positively impacts enhancing the guest experience and increasing guest satisfaction. The findings suggest that chatbots can provide instant assistance to guests, offering information, taking requests, and resolving issues, thereby improving service efficiency.

Chatbots are one of the digital trends for 2024


Deploy AI-powered chatbots on your website, social media platforms, and guest service portals. Train your chatbot with FAQs and ensure it can escalate complex queries to human staff.

Digital Trends 7: Data Security and Privacy

Why It’s a Digital Trend

With the increasing digitization of services, data security and privacy are paramount. Guests expect their personal and payment information to be handled securely.


Adopt robust cybersecurity measures, including secure payment gateways, encryption, and compliance with data protection regulations. Regularly update your systems and train staff on data security best practices.


Embracing these digital trends in hospitality can set your property apart, offering enhanced guest experiences, operational efficiencies, and a competitive edge. 

As you implement these trends, focus on integrating them seamlessly into your existing services and operations, ensuring they add value to your guests‘ experiences and align with your brand’s vision. At Sirvoy we are here to support your in your hospitality management. Now you can spend more time getting ahead with these digital trends.